Ultra High-End Mycotoxin Binder 4-in-1


Eurosorb XP is an extra-potent mycotoxin binder blends for poultry and livestock. It is composed of 3 types of mycotoxin binders (yeast cell wall, phylosilicates and nano-composites) making it highly effective way to prevent mycotoxicosis in animals. It has immunosaccharides that stimulate immune response and micro-catalyst (potent prebiotic) that improves health. The combination of the above ingredients enhances growth and production performance in animals.

Emulsifier (nutritional micro-emulsifier)

Our emulsifier is one of the safest emulsifiers in the market. It is used in foods and feeds. It is specially formulated to have an optimum HLB. It results to formation of micro-emulsion droplets which are at least 10,000 times smaller than ordinary emulsion droplets – hence known as “Micro-Emulsifier.” More surface area for lipase to digest fats and oils.

Acidifier with Immuno-stimulant

A synergistic blends of organic and inorganic acids that acidifies GIT resulting in less gastro-intestinal infections and improves production performance such as ADG, FCR, laying percentage. It is fortified with Probiotic and Prebiotic (Micro-catalyst). MOS activated the Lectin Pathway of the animal’s immune response.

High-End Mycotoxin Binder

Our medium-end mycotoxin binder is broad spectrum. It s effective against 11 types of mycotoxins. It also contains MOS which activates the Lectin Pathway. MOS also prevents the attachment of harmful bacteria in the villi of intestines of the animals – protecting them from GIT diseases.