High Quality Enzymes

Our enzymes are supplied by GenScript Biotech Corporation through their subsidiary Bestzyme. Genscript is a multi-billion dollar biotechnology company founded in Piscataway, New Jersey in 2002.

It’s industrial synthetic production platform (Bestzyme) dedicated to biosynthesis technology is a fully integrated end-to-end system: from genetic engineering, production, application research, marketing and technical support.

Eurozyme Phytase

Our phytase starts from selection of pilot micro-organisms that produce the greatest quantity and the purest in quality. Genes from these pilot micro-organisms are harvested and replicated – the wonder of genetic engineering.  The resultant product is probably the purest in the market: as other manufacturers can only provide up to 10,000 FTU of activity per gram – our phytase can provide up to 500,000 FTU of activity per gram.

Eurozyme Multi

A special blend of multi-enzymes that hydrolyze Non-Starch Polysaccharides, Protein and other substrates in animal diets. It is heat-stable and can withstand pelleting temperature.

It is composed of: Xylanase, Mannase, Cellulase, Glucanase, Feruloyl Esterase, Amylase, Arabinosidase, Pectinase and Protease. 

The by-product of digestion using this blend of enzyme are 2 potent probiotics that improves productivity and well being of animals.

Individual Enzymes

Feed enzyme is a widely recognized feed additive, which includes Phytase, Non Starch Polysaccharides enzymes, functional enzyme. The functions of enzyme are breaking the plant cell wall to release more nutrition, improving the digestive rate of feed with the endogenous enzyme, degrading the antinutrition factor of the grain such as corn, wheat, soybean mill, decreasing the viscosity of the chime, promoting the absorptivity of the nutrition from feed, improving gut health via inhibiting harmful bacteria, helping the intestinal tract to establish a good environment. Enzyme is an ideal feed additive for saving cost and increasing animal health.